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Meredith and I didn't create any of the figures or techniques described in this manual. We are relying heavily on Roundalab's manual of phase-rated figures (1998, 2003, and current Web-based editions) and ICBDA's technical manual (2005). We use all that we can pick up from our teachers and their Web sites (see our links page), from books (see below), and from many published cue sheets.

Therefore, we are happy to have anyone use this material for non-profit, educational purposes. Please let us know of your interest, give appropriate credit, and provide a link back to this site. On the other hand, please do not use this material for any commercial purpose.

Some Of Our Book and Video Sources

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We have tried to credit our sources, but if you find any material of yours being used in a way that you do not appreciate, please let us know, and we will remove it.

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